The Flower & The B Hive

Everyday at The Flower & The B, our busy retail shop at Rockridge Market Hall, passersby are entranced by a vast display of colorful blooms lovingly propped and styled into waves of rainbow petals. It is our daily passion to tend and care for the vast array of flowers we sell, to impart what knowledge we can and to craft unique bouquets in the spirit of the intended. 

It's often remarked how rewarding our jobs must be. How pleasing to work with such magnificent creations of nature. How it's wished they had more skill with flowers and knew more about them. 

Now you can experience the same joy in a wonderful new studio space. Our talented staff of designers and special guest artisans, will bring our same beautiful flowers and nature crafts to a peaceful hands-on environment and work with you one-on-one to free your inner florist.

Let us teach you just a bit of what we know so you too can find wonder in flowers whenever you encounter them.

Our Mission

The Bhive is dedicated to building an inclusive space where diversity is celebrated. Classes are intended to be fun and enriching while fostering community enrichment through our passion for flowers. We love what we do and we want to share this experience and believe it has many unseen rewards that result from seeking your inner naturalist.

We are currently working on alliances with youth and community outreach programs to educate and encourage job skills training and development and provide hope. Programs are available to make classes accessible if funding is an issue. We’ve allocated a number of open spaces for these purposes. 
If you’d like to hear more about how to get involved please email us at

Who We Are

The staff of The Flower & The B brings over 80 years of collective experience to the business of floral design. We hold degrees in fine art and commercial design. We have owned and managed many businesses. We believe there is always something new to learn and ways to improve our creative vision. It is our goal to impart in each student the confidence and basic knowledge to find success in their own creativity without pretense or constraint.

The goal of our staff instructors and the objectives of our distinguished and accomplished guest instructors is to encourage honest and genuine connections to the art of floral and creative design and find new perspectives through the sharing of our work and passions.